Volyn oblast


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Luts'k. For the first time Luts'k is mentioned in the Ipatiivs'kyi Chronicle in 1085. At that time it was in the possession of Volodymyr Monomachus, the Grand Prince of Kyiv to be.
In the 12th c. Luts'k became the centre of the Luts'k apanage principality which was part of Kyivan Rus state. After its disintegration, in 1132 the town entered the Volyn Principality, and since 1199 it was a part of the Halych-Volyn Principality.
The town reached its heyday at the latter half of the 12th c., when it was under the rule of Prince Mstyslav. During his reign the construction of the Intercession Church began. It is considered that it was namely for this church that the Prince commissioned to paint the icon of the Virgin of Volyn (Luts'k), a masterpiece of Ukrainian painting of the 13th -15th c., the embodiment of human >>>>


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