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Dnipropetrovs'k. The territory of the contemporary city was populated since olden times, which is testified by numerous finds kept in the Yavornyts'kyi Museum of History. The city itself was founded in 1776 under the name of Yekaterinoslav evidenced by the memorial Catherine's Mile. At that time, during the travel of Catherine II through her estates, the construction of the Transfiguration Cathedral, one of the city's famous architectural monuments, was begun. In 1790, the palace for Count Potocki was built after the design by architect I. Starov in the territory of the picturesque park (now a monument of landscape architecture) laid out by the Zaporozhian Cossack Lazar Hloba in the late 18th c. At different times many outstanding Ukrainian and Russian scientists and cultural workers visited the region. In 1820 A. Pushkin was in >>>>


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  Perlina stepu
Dnipropetrovsk oblast, c.Slav'anka
Welcome at the beautiful Guest House PerlynaStepu, which means “a pearl of a steppe”. It was created for those who are looking for a peaceful rest...