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Zhytomyr. There are many legends about the origin of the city name. One of them tells that in 884 the Novgorodian Prince Oleh took prisoners and later killed Kyivan Princes Askold and Dir. Their councilor Zhytomyr fled with his bodyguards to Drevlianian forests where founded a castle with the settlement that later got his name.
In the latter half of the 10th c. Zhytomyr became part of Kyivan Rus, and in 1240 the city was razed to the ground by the Mongol-Tatar hordes. In 1362 Zhytomyr went to the Lithuanian Principality and turned into one of its major cities. In the mid-18th c., Zhytomyr was the centre of Catholicism in Right-Bank Ukraine. At that time the cathedral was built (1746) and a three-tier bell tower, monuments of late Renaissance architecture. Among the architectural monuments of the 19th c. >>>>


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Zhytomyr oblast, Tarasovka