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L'viv. The city was founded in the first half of the 1250s by the Halych-Volynian Prince Danylo who named it after his son Lev. First mentions of L'viv in the Halych-Volynian chronicle date back to 1256.
In the course of its centuries-old history the city passed through more than thirty wars, sieges, fires and was completely ravaged several times. Nevertheless, every time it rose from the ashes retaining its unique appearance.
L'viv architecture fused whimsically styles of different epochs: Gothic and Baroque, Empire and Renaissance. St. Nicholas' Church, the oldest architectural monument of the same age as the city, was a court church of Halych-Volynian Princes. In the 16th c. the Dormition Brotherhood was organised under the church. The activity of the first-printer Ivan Fedorov is connected with this >>>>


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