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Mykolaiv. The city was founded in the late 18th c. In 1788 on the site of the present-day Mykolaiv a dockyard was built. Till 1882 the city was a military port that played an important role in the creation of the Black Sea Fleet and the defence of the southern borders of the Russian Empire.
The first street which started the city was Admiralty Street. Names of other streets are connected with the names of outstanding naval commanders who lived and worked there in various times: F. Ushakov, M. Lazarev, G. Butakov, A. Greig, and others. F. Bellinshausen, P. Nakhimov and V. Kornilov came here to supervise the construction of ships. In 1821-1827 an observatory was built in Mykolaiv to provide the Russian fleet with astronomical data and training of naval officers.
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