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Odesa. In the early 15th c. a Tatar settlement Kachibei existed on the territory of contemporary Odesa. Later on this place a large castle was built, whose ruins had been preserved to the mid-18th c.
During the Second Russo-Turkish War, on September 14, 1789 the Russian troops and a Cossack detachment formed of the former Zaporozhian Cossacks seized Khadjibei (former Kachibei). On A. Suvorov's initiative in 1793 the construction of a fortress began in Khadjibei, and in 1794 the construction of the city. This date is considered the year of Odesa's foundation. In 1795 Khadjibei was renamed Odesa. In the 19th c. Odesa turned into a seaport and served as the southern gate of the Russian empire.
Many prominent scientists and cultural figures visited Odesa at different times. A. Pushkin, Lesia Ukrainka, I. Franko, O. >>>>


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  Dіm-muzej Bat'kіvs'ka Khata
Odessa oblast, Shabo
  Etno-eko khata «Bіlochі»
Odessa oblast, Shershency