Rivne oblast


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Rivne. The territory of the city and its environs were populated since olden times. This is evidenced by archaeological finds - a Roman shield decorated with carving and some Roman coins (2nd c.). The remains of the settlements from the Bronze Age have been found there.
The city attracts tourists by its history and architecture. It is interesting to see architectural monuments: the wooden Dormition Church with the bell tower (1756) and the building of the former gymnasia where famous historian M. Kostomarov taught and writer V. Korolenko studied.

Dubno. The town is first mentioned in the Ipatiivs'kyi Chronicle in 1100. Among its interesting monuments are the castle (14th c.) of the Princes of Ostroh described by N. Gogol in his Taras Bulba and the Luts'k Gate (16th >>>>


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