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Sumy. The city was founded in 1655 by the migrants from Right-Bank Ukraine who fled from the Polish oppression. In the 17th с the Sumy residents bravely defended their city from incursions of the Crimean Tatars and in 1708-1709 took part in the Northern War against the Swedes. At that time, the city was encircled by a system of powerful fortifications which with time lost their defensive importance.
In 1817-1818 the Decembrist S. Volkonsky lived in Sumy. He was the commander of the brigade of the First Uhlan Division quartered in the city. Sumy is the native town of I. Lysenkov (1810-1881), the St. Petersburg publisher and bookseller, who was on friendly terms with A. Pushkin, I. Krylov, N. Gogol, and N. Gnedich. Lysenkov was one of the first to publish works by T. Shevchenko. Names of A. Chekhov, P. >>>>


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