Ternopil' oblast


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Ternopil'. First mentions of the city in the written sources belong to 1540, but its territory was inhabited much earlier, which is testified by archaeological excavations.
Among the monuments of architecture mention should be made of the Old Castle (1548), the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross (16th - 17th cc.), the Nativity Church with the defensive tower (1608), and the former Dominican Church (1779). There are monuments to T. Shevchenko and A. Pushkin in Ternopil'.
Tourists also can visit the Museum of Local Lore and the Museum of Spiritual Culture.

Berezhany. The town was first mentioned in the chronicle in 1375. For a long time Berezhany was under the rule of the Roman Catholic clergy. It is evidenced by the Roman Catholic churches (16th - 17th cc.) and the castle (16th >>>>


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