Kharkiv oblast


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Kharkiv. The territory where contemporary Kharkiv stands was populated as far back as the 2nd mil. BC, which is testified by archaeological excavations. Here the remains of several settlements of the Bronze Age (2nd - 1st mil. BC) have been found. From the Sarmatian times (3rd c. BC - 2nd c. AD) a Scythian-Sarmatian burial mound has survived. Donets' settlement which is mentioned in the Ipatiivs'kyi Chronicle of 1185 in connection of the Novhorod-Sivers'kyi Prince Ihor's escape from the Polovtsian captivity is an outstanding archaeological monument of the 7th - early 13th cc. The first reliable information on the city foundation belongs to 1654 when there appeared the migrants from Right-Bank Ukraine. After the construction of the Kharkiv Fortress in 1656-1659, the city became an important fortified point of the Russian state in the >>>>


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