Kherson oblast


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Kherson. The territory of the city was inhabited since olden times, which is testified by numerous archaeological monuments.
Kherson was founded in 1778 when a military fortress with the Admiralty was built here under the supervision of General I. Hannibal. In the late 18th - early 19th cc. the city was a base of the Black Sea Fleet, the first military and commercial port of Russia on the Black Sea. The names of many outstanding people are associated with the city. Prince G. Potemkin was the first Governor-General of Kherson. Military leader A. Suvorov played a great role in the strengthening of the fortress. The development of naval construction in Kherson is associated with the name of Admiral F. Ushakov.
Now the city has monuments to A. Suvorov and F. Ushakov. Among the architectural monuments of the 18th >>>>


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