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Cherkasy. The city was founded in 1147. At the end of the 14th c. Cherkasy was a fortress on the southern approaches to Kyiv. In 1483 the city residents repulsed successfully an attack of Menglis-Guirei's hordes, and in half of a century withstood a month's siege of troops led by Khan Saidet-Guirei. The Liberation War of the Ukrainian people (1648-1657) against the Polish oppressors led by outstanding military leader and statesman B. Khmel'nyts'kyi was an important stage in the centuries-old struggle for independence.
The name of T. Shevchenko is closely associated with the city. In 1845-1846 the poet visited Cherkasy several times. Here writer V. Korolevych (Les' Homin) was born and began his creative endeavour, as well as the graphic artist V. Zamyrailo and one of the first stratonauts Y. >>>>


Oblast farmsteads


  Kobzareva koliska
Cherkasy oblast, s. Morincі
We invite you to stay in with. Morintsy, home of Taras Shevchenko, where you warmly welcomed in a manor Kobzareva cradle. Communication with nature, delicious...
  Tarasovі shl'ahi
Cherkasy oblast, Morincі
  Holodnojars'kij zorepad
Cherkasy oblast, Zalevki
  Sirna Khatka
Cherkasy oblast, Starі Babani
Cherkasy oblast, Golovkovka