Chernivtsi oblast


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Chernivtsi. The history of the city over the Prut River begins from the Old Rus fortress which was built to protect southern borders of the Halych Principality in the second half of the 12th c. The name of Chernivtsi comes from the Old Slavic word chern, i.e. black city, and is mentioned for the first time in the documents of 1408. The contemporary appearance of the city formed relatively recently, in the latter half of the 18th c., which ensured the integrity of its architectural ensembles. The wooden St. Nicholas' Church (1607) is the oldest architectural monument. The Ascension (17th c.), St. Spiridon's (1773) and the Dormition (1783) Churches also have survived. Among the monuments of stone architecture mention should be made of the monastery St. George's Church (1767); the City Hall (1847); the Cathedral >>>>


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