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Chernihiv. Due to the fact that the olden city situated on the high right bank of the Desna River has a favourable geographical location it was always in the centre of historic events. First chronicle mentions of Chernihiv date from 907. The Chorna Mohyla burial mound (10th c.) is an outstanding archaeological monument of the city. In it Prince Chornyi was buried. According to legend, the city was named after him but there is an opinion that the name of the city should be looked for in the name of Chernych, the first settler or the elder of the tribe which lived on these lands.
In the early 10th c. Chernihiv was the centre of the principality, an important military-defence fortification, one of the largest cities and a cultural centre of Kyivan Rus. The citadel, the oldest fortified part of the city, was the >>>>


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Chernihiv oblast, Vishenki
  Prirodnіj zatishok
Chernihiv oblast, Kudlaevka
  U Vasil'a
Chernihiv oblast, Trost'anec
  Na Desnі
Chernihiv oblast, Desn'ans'ke
  Sribne Siti
Chernihiv oblast, Srebnoe
  Na kraju svіtu
Chernihiv oblast, Sverdlovka
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  Zelena svіtlic'a
Chernihiv oblast, Hajenki